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Family Bushwalk Adventure at New England National Park NSW

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Every year my family gets together from our scattered locations we live to meet up for a family weekend of bushwalking, adventures, games and of course good food and wine. This year the sights we set for Point Lookout within New England national park, Located an hour or so inland NSW between Coffs Harbour and Armadale. A spectacular haven of rainforest, wildlife and a greenery overload. We stayed in one of the parks accommodation cabins- The Residence, kitted out with everything one might desire and enough bedding to sleep 10. 

The highlight of the weekend was our cascade walk which took us in and around the rain soaked tree lined cliffs, where it felt as if you were walking amongst the clouds. My father a season hiker pointing out the many Antarctic Beach trees which dominated our sights, a glorious and powerful presence. Towards the end of the trek we found ourselves wandering through cliff lined wild gardens, scattered with native flowers, at this point we were all fully soaked from the down pore, but there was such peace in walking through the rain along the cloud covered track.

Don’t forget to look up or you might miss something beautiful, untouched and undiscovered.

Discover Point Lookout at New England national park

Adelaide and the wonderful Bowerbird Bazaar

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I was pleasantly surprised with how similar Adelaide felt to Brisbane. A Lovely outdoors city with a welcoming town vibe. Friendly faces and lots of inner city trees and wildlife. I stayed within the inner green mile with the ability to walk to the Bowerbird Bazaar at the Adelaide Showgrounds and into the city centre.

I found the time before and after the markets very relaxing with pleasant strolls around the inner city at slower pace perspective. To my delight I discovered where I ate breakfast both days on the weekend. My type of food and service, honest, down to earth, healthy and hearty. 

The Bowerbird Bazaar was beautifully organised with tasteful and clear signage, the selection of stall holders were well balanced with high quality design products. There was a lovely community feel within all the stall holders and visitors, very welcoming and encouraging. 

Thank you to all who visited me at the Bowerbird Bazaar last weekend, it was lovely meeting so many enthusiastic Adelaide adventurers, I hope to see you again in winter.