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Bicycles in Newcastle interviews Bago Studio

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Bicycles in Newcastle

Bago Studio sat down with Vikki from Bicycles in Newcastle for an in depth interview about bikes, fashion and small business. Bicycles in Newcastle is a great resource for cycling in and around Newcastle with all types of inspiration for the female cyclist. Thanks Vikki for sharing.

Read the full interview here:

While this blog is primarily about bicycles in Newcastle, I keep an eye out for interesting developments elsewhere, and I am always on the lookout for cycling clothes which don’t look like cycling clothes. So when I saw Bago Studio featured in Treadlie Magazine recently, I could see an exciting new cycling fashion label which is affordable and practical, as well as extremely beautiful. Kellie has a fresh approach to fashion adapted to cycling in our conditions and I could not resist asking her to do an interview to showcase her work ….
— Vicki Coughlan, Bicycles in Newcastle
What was your vision when you started making cycling clothes?
I believe where possible we should cycle everywhere, like they do in other parts of the world. So cycling is just part of the everyday. I wanted to create practical and elegant clothing for the everyday female cyclist, to look and feel good both on and off the bike. I think Bago Studio has grown into much more now and symbolises a lifestyle of active travel for cycling, traveling, exploring and relaxing.
— Kellie Mobbs, Bago Studio