Bago Studio

Bago Mountain Bike Park

Mountain BikeKellie Mobbs

Over the past year a dedicated team from the Hastings valley mountain bike riders have been building a superb mountain bike track at Bago Vineyards/Maze. The trail is now opened, with some great jumps, berms and views amongst the beautiful Bago bush. A Mountain Bike Australia membership is require before using the track. Membership is available online, with a free two month trial, visitors must also sign into cellar door before riding. Enjoy the relaxed, fun, family environment.  

Hello Koala Sculpture Trail

ArtKellie Mobbs

Hello Koalas is a bold and creative sculpture trail on the Mid North Coast of NSW, celebrating the iconic Australian animal, creating awareness and establishing an artist trail of fifty Koalas scattered around the Hastings region. The Trail launches Mid September 2014. 

Bago Studio was asked to paint Bago Blossom the Amaze-ing Koala on behalf of Bago Vineyards and Maze. Bago Blossom is a reflection of the bush magic experienced at Bago Vinyeards/Maze. It encompasses the spirit of the native bush scape and lilly pilly maze surrounded with seasonal grapes. The artwork features the native bottlebrush, waratahs with splashes of wattles and gum leaves through a subtle breeze amongst the spirals of the Bago Maze. The design is a positive statement on Australian Bush and wildlife preservation. 

Treadlie Bike Hub 2014

MarketsKellie Mobbs

We had an exciting time at the Treadlie Bike Hub as part of the sustainable living festival. Meeting so many like minded cycle enthusiasts was so encouraging for the direction into a greener future. We got some great feedback emphasising how important creating beautiful cycle friendly clothing is for the everyday cyclist. The weather was off and on as is any day in Melbourne, but it turned out to be a great weekend. Looking forward to next year. 

What’s in a name

Kellie Mobbs

I was very lucky to grow up on the Mid North Coast of NSW on the beautiful property of Bago Vineyards, nestled at the foot of Broken Bago Mountain. This is where my love and respect of the environment developed from childhood bush adventures. The name Bago encompasses all the spirit, freedom and truth I had as child, which now inspires the ethos of Bago Studio. I watched my parents work endlessly building a small locally run business and as such see the importance and value running Bago Studio as a small designer made business, focusing on quality craftsmanship which is locally made. 

Bago Vineyards in recent years has had the addition of Bago Maze, which was designed by my brother and Landscape Architect, Ian Mobbs. Bago Maze is the largest hedge maze in NSW, made from the native Lilly Pilly, chosen for their suitability as a hedge plant for the area. Bago Maze design was inspired from the surrounding vineyard and bushland and inspires all who visits.

Journey of Submergence Collection

Kellie Mobbs

The Journey of Submergence collection dives into the universal issue of water. Starting with the idea of water control through a long obsession with taps. I documented taps through photographs and drawings for about two year prior.

Questioning the tap’s ability to turn on and off through observation. This idea then lead into greater issues of global water control and clean water for all life.

Love of cycling and fashion

Kellie Mobbs

As an avid city commuter I was unable to find inspiring, fashionable cycle clothing which I could wear both on and off the bike, combining form and function equally. I love cycling but I am not interested in lycra outfits unless it's a long Sunday ride and I am also not a dare devil bike courier, as much as I am in awe for their true freedom of life. 

I am a daily cyclist, like many, who wants to look beautiful whist on a bike where functionality is not compromised. This is what Bago Studio aims to achieve, combining the love of cycling and fashion into normal, everyday life.