Bago Studio

Collection 3: Floral Escape

Floral prints often adorn female fashion, giving styles a delicate and pretty appearance, associating flowers with being feminine.

This collection explores floral imagery, but with a focus on the underlying strength of female energy. Looking at powerful and creative females, who I respect and admire for their accomplishments through design, art, fashion, the written word and motherhood. They have all rebelled in their own way and pushed boundaries offering a path where there was none before them.

Floral Escape is a positive collection, featuring an array of bright and energetic prints, with inspiration drawn from the unusual beauty of Australian native flora. Designed with a modern spin for an active lifestyle, garments are practical, comfortable and feminine, made from high quality performance fabrics perfect for the every day adventure. 

Floral Feminism concept

Collection 2 : FLOW

'FLOW' is the emotion, mood, feeling and contemplation of movement. The energy felt while in a constant state of direction, time and motion, a meditative but exciting state. Relatable to what one might feel whist cycling, running or through contemplating the expanse of space whist observing the awe of a setting sun. The flow collection transfers this emotive impression into a visual scape which is subjective, provoking an individual response. A higher state of mind, something almost unexplainable to describe but which can be felt. 

Collection 1 - The Journey of Submergence 

The Journey of Submergence dives into the universal issue of water. Starting with the idea of water control through a long obsession with taps.

Questioning the tap’s ability to turn on and off. This leading into greater issues of global water control and clean water for all life.

Collection 1: The Journey of Submergence